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Do Hormones Really Affect Weight Loss and Fat Storage?

Many people face this difficulty of excessive weight even though doing all the things to control their weight. However, reducing weight seems to be simple and easy, but there may be many other factors disturbing your weight loss journey. 

So, is it true that hormones really affect weight loss and fat storage?

Most of us know that hormones play a vital role in maintaining the body, including the ability to maintain proper body proportions, hair loss and maintain the regular activities within the body. But if a hormonal imbalance occurs, it can cause strange abnormalities in the body such as unnecessary body fat. In such a scenario, you can prioritize your food quality to optimize your body for optimal hormone production. 

One additional aspect that is important in losing weight is the calorie balance. If you consume too many calories, you must reduce the number of calories, which is the key component of fat loss. Generally, the fat loss process is longer in women compared to men. However, if the proper diet plan and exercise routine are maintained, one can surely attain their desired fitness.

hormones really affect weight loss and fat storage

Further in the post, we will check how some hormones affect your weight loss effort.

Many people think that excessive exercise will handle the weight problem, however, some studies have shown that if there is a hormone imbalance, excessive exercise can actually exacerbate the problem.

Estrogen & Progesterone

These are essential hormones in the female body responsible for appetite behavior and energy metabolism. The balance in these hormones have a huge impact on fat loss. Although you can’t control this hormone, you can surely manage your eating habits and lifestyle.


Cortisol is another hormone that might influence your weight loss. The hormone cortisol is released by the glands positioned above the kidneys, and it is responsible for both physical and psychological stress. When Cortisol levels rise, you may have noticed an increase of stress in your life leading to weight gain. As a human being, a bit of stress can be a motivating factor for survival and adaptation; but when stress becomes a chronic condition of being, we must take action. As a result, you must control your stress, whether through mind-body exercises, meditation or soothing techniques of relaxation and even examining the toxic people who may be in your life.  Many people have experienced great relief simply by spotting the toxic people in their lives and removing them from their vicinity.


This hormone is the one that maintains metabolic rate, hence playing an important part in maintaining a person's weight. It is quite a popular fact that if your body cannot produce thyroid hormone in a balanced way, it can affect the rate of reducing weight loss resulting in weight gain. Though you can maintain the thyroid by controlling your eating habits, it can be quite impossible for weight control if the problem is from your genetics.

Final Words

Hormones play an important role in fat loss and hormones really affect weight loss and fat storage, Implementing a healthy diet and regular exercise will help optimize your health for weight loss, weight maintenance, and hormonal balance. 

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