Meet The Founder

Teresa Reile, the founder of Maxtreme Sports Nutrition is the mother of the three very cool, very healthy young men.
Teresa has always been on the cutting edge of information and many have told her she is ahead of her time in terms of information.
She has had a very successful career in the Public Relations space which has introduced her to many different walks of life and many opportunities.
The idea for the Maxtreme Sports arose during the pandemic after a particularly spiritual experience. Knowing that one is a spiritual being who occupies a body, it would logically follow that if one took care of the body that the spirit was inhabiting, then one could literally accomplish anything one set out to do.

Taking a cue from one of her sons who is an accomplished Extreme Sports enthusiast who just so happens to be named Max, she set off on the path of developing the vitamins for Maxtreme Sports Nutrition.
Originally, the brand was to be a line of extreme sports clothing and equipment, however because it was born during the pandemic, it quickly became apparent, that what was needed was a way to become and STAY healthy.
Thus, Maxtreme PREVENT was born.
After rigorous testing and formulating the formula for Maxtreme Prevent Turbo-Charged Immune Booster was unveiled to a very eager and grateful public.
After further research, it was found that two of the most important minerals needed by the body are calcium and magnesium. The body needs the CORRECT type of calcium and magnesium otherwise it will do nothing beneficial for the body. After meeting with the founder of a very successful Cal-Mag producer, the two worked together to release Maxtreme RELAX.

What We Stand For

We want people to get and remain healthy without the interference of Big Pharma.

We want people to realize their full potential without the use of drugs.

Everyone, even YOU, can be healthy in today's environment, they just need to know how.