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The Best Sports Drinks for Skiers 2022

We all love traveling to mountains, especially when it's winter, and there is a beautiful layer of snow. Some people love to witness snowfall, while some make snowmen and snowballs to play with each other. However, some adventure junkies take things to a whole new level, and they are known as skiers - specifically extreme skiers.

Extreme skiers are people who took their love for snow and mountains to a whole new level and decided to add stunts to skiing. People often go to high peaks for skiing and other activities, but extreme skiers are different. They find the mountain's highest peak and slide down to the base while skiing or snowboarding, oftentimes doing aerial jumps and tricks in the air.

The exciting part of this whole act is that these people jump over small cliffs, pass through trees and avoid rocks at high speeds. Some even go to the extent of performing tricks and flips while they are in the air. The energy level of these skiers is maintained by adrenaline rush and the best sports nutrition drink.

Several winter sports events also occur where we see the logos of energy and sports drinks manufacturers. These manufacturers are the ones who sponsor a particular team and the event.

Best Sports drinks for Skateboarders by Maxtreme Sports

Please Note: Maxtreme Sports does NOT advocate drinking sports drinks with sugar or high fructose corn syrup as those tend to defeat the purpose of actually quenching the thirst and staying in shape. 

Maxtreme Sports drinks are all Non-GMO, contain NO SUGAR, no artificial sweeteners and are sweetened with all natural monk fruit which give all of our drinks an edge on the mass produced sugar laden drinks which are all the rage. Be aware that the most popular brands contain sugar, artificial flavor and high fructose corn syrup. 

Here is a list of the most popular drinks on the market:

Gatorade Sports Drink

Launched in 1965, Gatorade is the most widely recognized and most-famous  sports drink accessible to people. It was established by a group of researchers from the University of Florida College of Medicine for the players of the school football crew. The mentor requested a fluid to renew the competitors' body-liquids lost. Gatorade is available in more than 80 nations worldwide, and it is the fourth-biggest brand of PepsiCo. It is among the most popular sports drinks that several players from different sports often use.

Maxtreme Sports/Energy Drinks

If you need a refreshing, instant boost of energy, then you should go for an energy drink. Maxtreme Sports  sports drinks are true energy drinks because the ingredients contain no artificial ingredients whatsoever, therefore they give long lasting energy rather than the quick boost one gets from sugar and then the energy let-down or lethargy which follows after consuming sugar, high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. 

These sugar-free organic sports drinks come with great tasting flavors and offer an instant boost of energy in the body. These drinks are perfect as a pre-workout or post-workout drink for you. Maxtreme sports drinks are made to be the replacement for your morning coffee and offer you double the energy for the whole day.

Pre-Workout Drinks

Pre-workout drinks are  oftentimes filled with caffeine.  If one is looking for an instant energy boost from caffeine, then these types of drinks are a good option. However, be aware that too much caffeine at one time may make one jittery, so choose wisely.  These powder-based drinks are mixed with water and offer an instant rush of boost that keeps your body fueled up. With all the heavy body flips and 360-degree jumps, a player must make sure that they are also physically fit. A pre-workout can also help you during your workout sessions.


Water is the one drink which is the universal savior when one is thirsty.  The higher the quality water, the better one will stay hydrated.  Look for water which is high in Ph and minerals.  That way, one can be sure that one is replacing the lost minerals during intense workouts and keeping the body as alkaline as possible. Your body always needs water so one can not go wrong with this option.

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