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Why are protein supplements recommended for athletes?

In a world moving towards innovation and changes, people are looking for an intelligent alternative for everything. Traditional grocery store shopping has been replaced by placing online orders from your smartphone. A cereal breakfast has been replaced by a high-protein granola bar, and so on.

These alternatives, though efficient, have led to a profound change in our lifestyles. While people think these options are healthy, this causes serious health problems. The human body needs a regular supply of vitamins & minerals and essential nutrients. These essential nutrients help our body perform normal bodily functions and keep our immune systems active.

However, if you are an athlete, you need much more than the recommended diet. Athletes have to perform well in their competitions and train hard to give the best results. They have strict fitness regimes, well-defined goals, and dieticians who take care of the food that they eat. Every athlete is supposed to follow a strict diet that includes the right amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and other things.

But according to the fitness trainers, an athlete has to take additional proteins with their diet to fulfill the protein and nutrient needs. It is done by consuming protein powders and shakes before or after their workout sessions.

protein supplements recommended for athletes

The Need for Protein Supplements

Protein comes among macronutrients which is a significant nutrient in our body. It acts as fuel for our body and helps build amino acids in the body. Our body uses amino acids to build muscles and form other proteins required by our body for the proper functioning of the immune system.

As an athlete, you are conditioned to undergo rigid training and practice sessions to get the results that'll guarantee a win. This extensive training also means more wear and tear of the muscles. Proteins come into play after your training session to help you speed up the muscle repairing process.

According to various research, a person is advised to consume approximately 0.8 grams of protein/kg. It means that an average healthy person weighing 68kgs should consume about 55 grams of protein every day. However, an athlete's body requires more protein than an average person.

Several nutritional magazines have mentioned that, on average, the protein consumption by an athlete, ranges from 1.5 grams to 3 grams per kilo. It means that an athletic person weighing 60 kgs should have about 90 grams to 180 grams of protein every day, depending on their sport and training schedule.

It is believed that consuming protein helps athletes increase their endurance and stamina in the sport. On the other hand, some trainers think that consuming proteins is unnecessary for athletes. The trainers believe that athletes can improve their performance and stamina with adequate training and a healthy diet. Getting enough rest after the workout can also be a booster as a well-rested athlete will perform well in the field.

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