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Maxtreme Prevent - Best Seller

Maxtreme Prevent - Best Seller

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Maxtreme Prevent – Immune Booster. 

This unique product has been known to assist the immune system.

Drink in the morning to start your day.
Just what you need to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.  The delicious Lime flavor makes it an enjoyable way to stay healthy during times of the year with limited sunlight, or cold and flu season.

Quercitin is a compound that comes from the rinds of fruits. 

Combining Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Quercitin has been known to boost immune response.

(NOTE: this is NOT medical advice. We always recommend seeing your Doctor if you are sick). 

According to Dr. Ardis, everyone should be supplementing with zinc every day. When zinc is supplemented enough in your body, zinc gets into your cells which has been known to help virus response.  

If you were to take these supplements separately and in pill form, you would have to swallow approximately 19 pills per day.  Who wants to do that?

Further, taking these supplements separately will cost you MORE than enjoying a delicious drink every morning with Maxtreme Prevent.

To your Health!

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