Maxtreme Relax  ON SALE NOW!
Maxtreme Relax  ON SALE NOW!
Maxtreme Relax  ON SALE NOW!
Maxtreme Relax  ON SALE NOW!
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Maxtreme Relax ON SALE NOW!

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Chillax with Relax! Muscle relaxant and sleep aid. Drink before bed 



Maxtreme RELAX  is the BEST tasting, fast acting Calcium Magnesium you will ever have. It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Drink it hot like a tea, or cold for a refreshing drink.

Restless legs can get greatly relieved by taking the correct kind of Calcium Magnesium such as the kind in Maxtreme RELAX. 

INSOMNIA and ANXIOUSNESS are a couple other symptoms of a lack of Calcium and Magnesium.  

Try RELAX and enjoy your way to a restful sleep and a CALM LIFE.

RELAX is also good after a workout because during strenuous exercise your body get depleted of minerals. RELAX helps to replenish those minerals lost during exercise..

There are two main sets of nutrients or “electrolytes” in the body: calcium/magnesium and salt/potassium. They are basically minerals and are the main things the body uses for smooth muscle function. Shortages of any one will cause cramping.

Sodium and potassium can be short, but most of us are short of calcium and magnesium to some degree – due to the fact that modern diets are high in sugar and starch which inhibit calcium and magnesium absorption and, in fact, actually deplete them. Sugar and starch use up hydrochloric acid in the stomach and then there is not enough left over for proper calcium absorption so we end up short of calcium and magnesium because they work together and need the acid for a proper pH range so they can be absorbed.

Calcium and magnesium cover so many functions in the body that without them many little things can go wrong that are accepted as “normal” but are quite unnecessary, so a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement with the right pH balance, like MAXTREME RELAX, makes good sense.

Both Calcium and Magnesium are Alkaline: Because of this they need a little acid to get them back to neutral so they can dissolve and be absorbed. If you don’t get it like this, the calcium can form stones in your kidneys and/or deposit in your joints and other places such as behind your eyes and so on. This is a very important factor when using calcium.

We have used vitamin C and citric acid – so they are natural with no side effects. The body has to have calcium, magnesium and vitamin C – and citric acid is nice to take.

MAXTREME RELAX Formulation: With this formulation we get it into the blood stream within 10 minutes.

CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM - Why your body needs both


The human body needs a lot of calcium because it cannot manufacture any and it uses this mineral for structure and many health-related functions:

1. Bone consists mainly of calcium.
2. By weight, one-third of body protein consists of collagen. A jelly-like     substance with vitamin C its most important ingredient, this jelly is     dependent on sufficient calcium to set. Together these two ingredients
    are responsible for tissue firmness (skin, etc.).
3. Any healing process requires calcium.
4. A calcium deficiency results in nervous tension and irritability.
5. A key ingredient for normal sleep is calcium.
6. Cell walls need calcium to resist infection-related intrusions.
7. Sufficient calcium in the blood alleviates pain. (Calcium injections are
    sometimes used for excruciating pain.)

Calcium deficiencies are a primary factor in mood swings before and during menstruation, and with dental problems. Many people over 40, especially women who have birthed children, experience calcium deficiency, often a prime cause of muscle cramps and irritability, including spastic colon and irritable bowel syndrome.

Magnesium, A prime factor regarding healthy digestion is the mineral magnesium. Magnesium also regulates and controls blood cholesterol. By coating nerve endings – the lack of which causes jumpiness – this mineral prevents irritability and sleeplessness.

Calcium without the balancing effect of magnesium lays one open to development of calcium-based kidney stones. Calcium traveling alone in the bloodstream tends to “crowd out” magnesium, causing further deficiencies; thus, it is important to have both minerals present in tandem. In other words: calcium and magnesium – your body needs both.

To give you an idea of how these two minerals interact, think of a heartbeat. Your heart muscle contracts and then relaxes to pump blood through your body. What makes your heart and other muscles contract is calcium; what makes your heart and other muscles relax is magnesium.

Understanding calcium and magnesium – why your body needs both – is vitally important for your whole body and healthy body functions. Because a healthy human body needs both.


Place one scoop in a coffee mug or glass, add boiling water until half full. IT SHOULD FIZZ. Stir it until dissolved. Then, fill the rest of the mug with water. You can drink it hot like a tea before bed or cold for a refreshing, smooth drink. Do not add sugar. Sugar created deficiencies of calcium and magnesium


It would be difficult to overdose on calcium and magnesium, so you can enjoy RELAX as you wish daily. Minimum recommended dose is one scoop daily. However, during heavy pain or discomfort (or upset), one can increase to several times a day. Because magnesium in a natural softener, some people experience loose bowels. The remedy for that is simply to cut back to a tolerable dose and then increase gradually to a larger one, making certain to take it with some food. RELAX is safe for babies who are experiencing teething, colic, restlessness, etc. in very small doses.

Suffering from:


Maxtreme RELAX can help with all of that.

Relax is not a miracle ‘drug’ to be used only for the resolution of a ‘problem’, even though many think that it is because of the miraculous results that they get. It is not a drug at all but a product which contains two life-essential ingredients – Calcium and magnesium.


The brain is like a switchboard and that’s where the nervous system’s “control switches” are located. Signals (messages) are sent to all parts of the body (organs, glands, muscles, etc) from the brain along the nerve channels and replies are then received back. This is so the different organs, glands or muscles can carry out their functions.

To function properly, certain vital minerals are required, two of the most important being calcium and magnesium. Calcium is so important that it is the only nutrient that has its own set of glands (the parathyroid glands) – which are situated adjacent to the thyroid but not related), to monitor and maintain the correct levels of calcium within the body.

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals your body needs. Without them, life would cease. They are very important as they are responsible for hundreds of body functions, such as digestion, brain function, hormonal functions, relaxation, sleep, prevention of pain, blood pressure, adrenal function, heart function, maintenance of blood sugar and scores of body processes beyond that.

In order for the body to absorb calcium, it needs magnesium and vice versa. It also requires a 2:1 ratio. The best calcium form is Calcium gluconate, which is also used for sever pain, orally or by injection.

As both minerals are alkaline, they cannot be absorbed by the body unless they have some kind of acid such as vitamin C.

Failing to have this balance can increase deficiencies of both calcium and magnesium.

Maxtreme RELAX uses both ascorbic and citric acids to create the correct pH for the body to absorb and use the calcium and magnesium efficiently.

NOTE: Taking calcium with the proper pH or the wrong form – rocks like calcium carbonate can result in calcium deposits in joints (arthritis), kidney stones or cataracts.


Deficiencies in either calcium or magnesium can cause depression, pain, heart problems, (even heart attacks), insomnia, lack of energy, pain, cramps, tension, insomnia, PMS, colic, nervousness, diabetes, seizures, anxiety and almost any other symptom. To put it simply, calcium’s job is to contract the muscles while magnesium’s job is to relax them and that’s effectively how the heart and all other muscles work. Alternate contraction and relaxation.

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